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Fund your idea

10x helps turn ideas from federal employees into real projects that improve the experience people have with our government through technology.

Send your idea to 10xusing our Google form

Learn about what we’re looking for in an idea.

You can also email your idea to

We’re accepting ideas on a rolling basis from U.S. federal employees. We review ideas for funding a few times a year. To be considered for our next round of evaluautions, submit your idea before July 30th.

First, send 10x your idea.

10x is currently accepting ideas on a rolling basis from all U.S. federal employees. It’s easy to submit an idea to 10x and we want to hear yours. Either send 10x your idea via our Google form, or send it to us as an email. We review ideas for funding a few times a year. To be considered for our next round of evaluautions, submit your idea before July 30th.

10x is looking for ideas that:

  • check Have an impact across the federal government or on the public.
  • check Enhance the public’s experience with government through technology.
  • check Improve how government builds and shares technology to better serve the public.
  • check Are part of a big or rapidly growing market in government technology.

How should you present your idea? Your idea should:

  • check Be no more than three sentences long.
  • check Demonstrate a clear understanding of the problem you want to solve.
  • check Focus on creating a new product or service that is good for government.
  • check Be as clear and descriptive as possible.

As we scale this program it’s important that 10x hears ideas that impact all aspects of the federal government. Your idea is valuable. If you need help putting together an idea or have questions about what we’re looking for, email us at We’re happy to connect you with a technology expert or someone to review what you have and make sure your idea is clear.

Develop your best 10x idea →

Then, 10x goes to work.

10x evaluates ideas and funds those with the most promise.

A few times a year, 10x collects all the ideas and evaluates them for funding. The most promising ideas proceed to Phase 1.

Your idea will be evaluated based on the following 3 criteria, each given equal weight:

  • check Clarity. Does the idea demonstrate an understanding of a real problem and communicate it clearly?
  • check Alignment. Does the idea help develop new, good-for-government technology?
  • check Impact. Does solving this problem have an important effect on the federal government or the public?

If selected, 10x starts its funding small — only magnifying its investment as an idea develops, step-by-step, into a sustainable project. This iterative approach, based on modern technology and investment practices, ensures that the best ideas turn into the best government products and services — funded with fewer taxpayer dollars.

10x projects are managed and staffed by project teams within the Technology Transformation Service department of the General Services Administration.

Learn about the 10x process →