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What if your idea could change how the government

Turning good-for-government ideas into good-for-people solutions

At 10x, we crowdsource ideas from federal employees and turn them into real products that improve the public’s experience with the federal government.

We believe that the most creative, game-changing ideas come from those who work most closely to the problem — civil servants like you. We invite any federal employee to submit an idea for how to use technology to improve public service. Ideas for our next round of projects are due November 16, 2021.

We start small, validating the idea and increasing the investment as we go, to ensure we’re funding the ideas that deliver the most impact. At least once a year, we evaluate submissions and choose the most promising ones for a deeper dive into their potential impact, feasibility, and scope. We’re talking things like eliminating bias in artificial intelligence, helping people to more quickly identify which benefits they are eligible for, and making it easier to share data across agencies.

So, how do you want to improve public service?

10x has funded 268 projects. Will yours be next? Deadline for new ideas is November 16, 2021.