Now's your chance to share that problem or idea and see if it's the next big thing to improve how we serve the public.

A great idea should answer three questions...

What's the problem?

Clearly state the problem or opportunity, and keep it simple — under 1,000 characters! We're looking to solve real problems with big impact.

Who benefits from solving this problem?

If we can solve a problem, who benefits from the solution? Is it government employees? Medicare recipients? Citizen scientists? Researchers?

How will the solution help?

Does the potential solution make something easier, faster, more accurate? More inclusive and equitable? A measurably better customer experience? Help us understand why it matters.

Now, follow this simple structure:

I've observed [problem or opportunity] and believe that if we [do this] it'll result in [this benefit] for [this group of people].

Submit your idea!

After you fill out the form and hit "Submit"

The 10x team looks at idea submissions at least once a year, and we'll let you know that we got your idea. The evaluation process takes place shortly after the Idea Submission deadline, and we'll let you know whether your idea has been selected for a Phase 1 Investigation.

Need some help?

If you'd like help or feedback on your idea before submitting to 10x, send us an email at We're happy to make sure your idea is on point. We also hold workshops and other information sessions to guide you on your way to becoming a 10x Idea Author!