10x was an early-stage investor in the federal government's large-scale centralized identity system

10x is all about delivering exceptional user experiences to the public, and that starts with finding the shortcomings that need solving. Many government websites force users to make and keep track of multiple log-in credentials, and offer inconsistent levels of security, privacy, and usability. In 2015, 10x supported a creative idea to develop shared services tech that could help agencies solve these and other common problems that their users face. That project was called "Consumer Identity Service." Today it's called Login.gov.

Launched in 2017, Login benefited from renewed energy and momentum into federal shared services technology, much of which can be traced to an executive memo issued by the White House that encouraged agencies to lean into shared services as a way to solve shared problems, and bring down costs. In response to this memo, 10x partnered with other TTS teams to pilot a shared identity-proofing platform, which later became Login.gov.

10x played an integral part in this effort by investing in the initial development and implementation of a product roadmap, including technical, business, and policy elements. This early-stage funding was critical to growing the product until it secured separate funding to build a robust identity service with a full product team. 10x continued to invest in enhancements to Login in subsequent years, including funding the pilot of Login.gov's IAL2 (Identity Assurance Level 2) capabilities.

Login.gov makes it easy for millions of Americans to use one username and password across multiple government sites, all while keeping their personally identifiable information (PII) safe from fraud and misuse. New features and services are released regularly, like a 24/7 multilingual contact center support and in-person identity proofing options. Login continues iterating and improving its service delivery to both agencies and users, and 10x is proud its investment helped it take flight.