The public won't use digital tools they don't trust, and untrustworthy tools can cause harm; taking security and privacy seriously is core to 10x work.

All 10x projects are in the business of online security, but trust building is what animates and inspires them. Protecting the privacy of individuals and their data is critical to creating useful and usable digital experiences for the public. Sites and applications that do not protect personal information will not be used, and, in fact, may actually do harm by exposing information that may lead to identity theft or other material damage. If the data isn't secure, the application can't be trusted.

10x security projects have tackled a number of thorny issues over the years, from inefficiencies in cybersecurity practices to PII management and more.

Check out some of our projects designed to ensure private information stays private:

Automated Security Authorization Processing (ASAP)

In order to get permission to launch a new site or application, government agencies must complete Government System Security Plans. 10x created an approach to automate key parts of the documentation process to allow for faster review and approval times.

Design for security, build for trust

Resilient technology requires elegantly designed security. 10x is exploring the value and viability of shared assets and guidance for federal designers that demonstrate the how and why of designing for security.

DevOps for privacy offices (SORN DASH)

Privacy officers at federal agencies ensure that personal data is managed carefully and in accordance with agency policies. 10x investigated and built a solution to better equip the privacy officers so they can do a better job of protecting personally identifiable information (PII). See the SORN Dashboard.

Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage (PPRL)

10x is looking at how data can be shared across the government without any personally identifiable information (PII). Privacy-preserving record linkage (PPRL) is a family of techniques used to link datasets without requiring access to PII.

Privacy-protected engagement with online government services

10x is investigating approaches for providing tools and educating site managers about how to limit their participation in ad networks, which sometimes collect personal information.