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Send us an idea

10x wants ideas from federal employees that improve the public’s experience with government through technology.


We accept ideas on a rolling basis from U.S. federal employees and evaluate them twice a year. We completed the first round of evaluations for the fiscal year in early February. The second and final round of evaluations for the year will take place during the Summer of 2020–we will announce the exact date in the coming months.

What makes a good idea?

10x is looking for ideas that:

  • check Have an impact on the federal government or on the public.
  • check Improve the public’s experience with government through technology.
  • check Improve how government builds and shares technology to better serve the public.
  • check Are part of a big or rapidly growing market in government technology.

Your idea should:

  • check Be no more than three sentences long.
  • check Demonstrate a clear understanding of the problem you want to solve.
  • check Focus on creating a new product or service that is good for government.
  • check Be as clear and descriptive as possible.

Need some help?

If you’d like help putting together an idea or have questions about what we’re looking for, email us at We’re happy to connect you with a technology expert or someone to review what you have and make sure your idea is clear.

Examples of ideas 10x has funded

Federal Grant Reporting

“This project will identify opportunities to improve the federal grant reporting process, by eliminating redundancies and creating efficiencies through improved technology — with the goal of generating a prototype that could be adapted across federal programs, thereby increasing federal grant programs’ efficacy to those being served as well as taxpayers’ return on investment.”

Notifications as a Service

“TTS will investigate the opportunity to providing a common solution for government notifications to citizens via email, text message, and other contact methods. Many of the tools that TTS and other agencies build require a notification component, and this project will help TTS understand whether consolidating the ability to send notifications into a shared service available to all agencies would be effective.”

Guide to the Paperwork Reduction Act

“OMB’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) is charged with overseeing federal compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA). Agencies often cite frustration with accessing and understanding OMB’s policies on the PRA, which are spread across numerous inaccessible PDFs. This situation has reduced compliance and created delays in the approval of information collection requests (ICRs). Through outreach to PRA desk officers and agency staff, and in consultation with OIRA, TTS will explore what it would take to modernize the way agencies interact with OMB’s policies in order to design an accessible, user-friendly online interface to respond to agency inquiries.”