How can government use technology to better serve the public? 10x wants your ideas — submit now through November 30th.

Announcing new round of project funding and investment priorities

10x is pleased to announce that we are now accepting ideas through 11:59pm on November 30th, 2022. Any federal employee is eligible to submit an idea to 10x through our website using our submission form. We expect to finalize the list of projects we select for funding in early 2023, and plan to kick-off these new projects at Phase One in Spring 2023.

As always, 10x accepts ideas on a broad range of topics across the federal technology ecosystem and your ideas don’t need to align to a particular theme; however, we do have specific investment priorities, and ideas that align to these themes will receive greater attention when we're deliberating on which project ideas to fund. Here are the new, hot-off-the-press 10x investment themes for our first round of project funding for Fiscal Year 2023.

Digital foundations

10x wants your ideas on how the government can build an innovative digital infrastructure to ‘pave the way’ for an innovative physical infrastructure.

This is a new focus for 10x, and we chose it because we have observed momentum around new investments in infrastructure across government. From bridges to broadband, we believe 10x has an opportunity to explore the digital landscape that will accompany new infrastructure investments and to do what 10x does best: solve problems and uncover transformative opportunities. 

Example topics that meet the spirit of this theme include transparency in infrastructure investments, promoting an equitable distribution of infrastructure funding, finding new ways of involving communities in the design of infrastructure projects, and envisioning how the government can prepare for the roll-out of new technologies. 

A good brainstorming question to generate ideas for this theme is: How can technology improve how the government thinks about and implements infrastructure projects? 

Equity in delivery

10x wants your ideas for projects that will improve how the government serves those most in need of help.

This has been a focus of 10x for years and we’re carrying it into FY23. From our work with bias in AI to reimagining ways to bridge the digital divide, we believe our projects have demonstrated the value of the 10x model, and highlight how ripe the equitable tech space is for new innovation.

Example topics that meet the spirit of this theme include civil rights awareness, privacy preservation, simplifying the process for understanding government services and programs, environmental justice, and social safety net innovations.

A good brainstorming question to generate ideas for this theme is: What government-provided services could use technology to better serve the people typically left out or frequently overlooked?

Something new

This year, 10x is offering additional support to civil servants who want to submit an idea, but aren't sure where to start. We are offering individual feedback on your idea with a member of the 10x team. We can't write your idea for you, but we can help you get on the right track. In addition, we're offering workshops to help you and your team come up with great, submission-worthy ideas. Want more info? Get in touch.

About 10x

10x is an investment program that takes ideas submitted by federal employees and turns them into technology projects that improve how the government delivers excellence for the public. We accept ideas on a rolling basis, and evaluate and select ideas once or twice a year. 10x is a part of GSA’s Technology Transformation Services (TTS) division. TTS applies modern methodologies and technologies to improve the lives of the public and public servants.