What if the government had a window into the performance of the entire federal webspace, on-demand, for free?

Site Scanner

Federal websites are some of the most critical channels the government uses to communicate information to the public; however, there are so many requirements and best practices to keep track of that this landscape can be bewildering. This project explored how modern tools can empower federal government web managers to do their jobs more efficiently. Through careful research and partnerships with existing actors in the federal web space, 10x designed, built, and shipped a product that helps web managers meet the public’s needs. Site Scanner (formerly known as Spotlight) is a customizable, automated scanning service that generates real-time intelligence for agencies that they can use to improve their websites to better serve the public. Site Scanner not only reduces the legwork that this type of work has traditionally involved, but it also promotes compliance with various government mandates, including the use of U.S. Web Design System components and certain security protocols.

Why this matters

This project will deliver impact for both government web managers and the public. Web managers will be able to uncover opportunities for improving their websites and the public will benefit from better digital experiences while interacting with the government.

What we did

We delivered a platform that hosts customizable scans that uncover business intelligence and real-time analysis for government web managers.

How we did it

We conducted extensive user research into the needs of web managers, we spoke with the teams behind existing web analysis tools to see how we could complement their work, and we brought on engineers to build the scans.

Where we are today

Currently, the team is building out the front-end interface of the scanner to allow more non-technical users to benefit from the tool, in addition to developing new scanning capabilities.

Phase 4 is still in progress

Next steps

Site Scanner will continue to develop new functionalities to solve problems for more people. It looks like the long-term home and support for Site Scanner will come from within 10x’s own organization — TTS, where it can thrive alongside other offerings, including the USWDS and the Digital Analytics Program.