10x announces FY24 themes, invites your idea submissions through November 30, 2023

Announcing New Round of Project Funding & Investment Priorities

10x is pleased to announce that we are now accepting ideas through 11:59pm EST November 30, 2023. Any federal employee is eligible to submit an idea to 10x through our website using our submission form. We expect to finalize the list of projects we select for funding in early 2024, and plan to kick-off these new projects at Phase One during the spring.

10x accepts ideas on a broad range of topics across the federal technology ecosystem, but we do have specific investment themes that we will prioritize during our deliberations. Here are the new, hot-off-the-press 10x investment themes for our first round of project funding for Fiscal Year 2024:

Reimagining Public Engagement

10x will support projects that help the government reimagine ways to better understand and respond to the priorities and needs of the public.

The ideas we are looking for will answer the question: “How can the government use technology to better engage with the public, understand their needs, and respond appropriately?”

Example topics that fit this theme include opportunities for the government and the public to co-design and build products and services together, improving the government’s ability to quickly respond to public inquiries and comments, improving customer experience for the public, and finding ways to elevate community-level priorities.

Equity in Delivery

10x wants your ideas for projects that will improve how the government serves those most in need of help.

The ideas we are looking for will answer the question: “How can the government use technology to address current and past injustices in our society to promote an equitable future for all?” 

Example topics that fit this theme include civil rights awareness, privacy preservation, environmental justice, fairness in emerging technologies, and social safety net innovations.

Psst… but that’s not all…

This year, we’re looking for “Moonshot” ideas. These are the biggest, boldest, most ambitious, and transformative ideas that you can imagine. They are break-through projects that could solve notoriously thorny government tech problems, or seize on incredible opportunities to make a difference. They don’t necessarily need to align with our investment priorities, but, the one thing that all Moonshot ideas have in common? They always excite anyone who hears about them. In FY24, 10x is ready to shoot for the moon. Are you?