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Recent updates from the 10x team

10x announces new projects chosen for Phase 1 funding

We are excited to reveal the latest cohort of projects chosen for Phase 1 investigations. We received and evaluated 250 new submissions — a record-high for our program.

10x: Transforming Technology Through Agile Investments

View webinar on how 10x approaches investments in key technology projects designed to change how the public experiences the government.

10x Project Lightning Talks: 2020

Check out this video of a live showcase of some of 10x’s most innovative projects.

OPSI reports on 10x's approach to investments

OPSI, part of the OECD, profiles 10x's unique approach to funding government technology solutions. Find out how they do it.

Rapid implementation of policy as code

Learn about 18F's approach to writing policy as code for faster implementation of changes.

Government reinvention with a venture capitalist mindset

10x's approach applies learnings from venture capitalists to the development of technology projects for government.

Scaling GSA's 10x program

View of Will Cahoe, 10x project coordinator, discussing 10x's approach to small scale investment and how they've applied the lessons of the private sector.

Announcing the Public Sector Innovation winners

Read about how 10x, an innovative program in funding and developing technology solutions that serve the public, was recognized with a 2019 Public Sector Innovation award.